2017 College Commitments

A Look Back On Continental FC Signing Day 2017

Continental FC Signing Day 2017 is a day that we get to celebrate our current senior class as they officially take the word verbal out of “Verbal Commitment” and make their commitments official. All of the sacrifices, ups and downs, commitment, exams, papers and pure joy for the game have now paid off.  These Student Athletes are now a part of the Elite 5% of all athletes, that will have the opportunity to carry on their passion and love for the game into the collegiate ranks.

Continental FC, year in and year out, has consistently assisted in placing over 90% of its graduating senior class on the playing field of various Universities and Colleges across the country once they have graduated.  As of today, we are proud to announce that 39 players from the 2017 graduating class have made their decision on where they will be playing next year, with a few more decisions to be made in the near future.

Did you know??

Continental FC has placed more players to top universities and colleges than any other club in Pennsylvania! Thousands of players and counting!

2017 College Commitments

Elizabeth Andrews – Lehigh University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Mackenzie Anton – Lehigh University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Juliana Bertonlino – The College of New Jersey (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Daniel Blackford - Philadelphia University (U19 Premier 98)
Julia Brown – University of North Carolina - Greensboro (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Kexxer Camarco – University of Delaware (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Kaitlyn Casiano – Stevens Institute of Technology (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Brianna Davis – New York University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Zachary D'Elia – Immaculata University (U19 Premier 98)
Djavon Dupree- Temple University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Julia Detwiler – University of South Carolina (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Marissa DiGenova – Temple University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Alex Fonder – Philadelphia University (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Alexander Hajj – Temple University (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Maura Holst – Fordham University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Juan Infante – Gettysburg College (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Gabe Ivins – Kenyon College (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Nick Kane – Messiah College (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Victoria Kent – American University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Frank Koons – Washington College (U19 Premier 98)
Lorna MacFarlane – Dartmouth College (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Christopher McFarland - Pennsylvania College of Technology (U18 Barca 99)
Krysta Memis – Wilmington University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Sara Messinger – George Washington University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Donny Namani – St. Joseph’s University (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Molly O'Brien – Loyola University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Erin Paquette – Saint Anselm College (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Cullen Pina – Swarthmore College (U19 Premier 98)
Alyssa Poarch – University of Maryland (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Hudson Reid – Rider University (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Miranda Royds – Lehigh University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Brendan Rush – Chestnut Hill College (U18 Barca 99)
Aaron Schwartz – Dartmouth College (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Lilly Shaner – Bucknell University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Casey Sheehan – St. Francis University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Kevin Smolyn - St. Francis University (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Jason Stone – Bloomsburg University (U18 Premier 99)
Ryan Trapp – University of Delaware (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Charlie VanOrden – Lafayette College - (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Ronald Williams – University of Pennsylvania (U18 USSDA Academy 98/99)
Kiya Wilson - Wilmington University (U19 ECNL 98/99)
Imani Young – Wagner College (U19 ECNL 98/99)

Here is what some of our players had to say about their experience and college decision process with Continental FC. 

What does Signing Day mean to you?

Jason Stone- “Signing day symbolizes how all of the hard work and dedication that I put in over the years has finally paid off and I have fulfilled a lifelong dream”

Alyssa Poarch- “Signing Day represents the next area of my life and symbolizes the next step in becoming a better player and student”

Sara Messinger- “Signing day means to me that everything that I worked hard for all of these years has finally paid off.  I couldn’t have done it without the support of my teammates, coaches and Parents”

Kevin Smolyn- “Signing day means a lot to me because it means I am moving forward in my career and it’s the next step to my pro career”

Can you talk about what your Continental FC experience has meant to you?

Libby Andrews- “Continental FC has made a tremendous impact on my soccer career.  The training and coaching that I received was excellent and I learned a lot of self-discipline.  This Club prepare me the most for soccer at the Collegiate level.”

Juan Pablo Infante- “Continental FC has given me the chance to be exposed to colleges and to push my soccer ability to maximize my potential”

Nicolas Kane- “Continental FC has help me grow as a person, on and off of the field.”

Caitlyn Cassiano- “I am thankful that Continental FC maximized my potential by getting me to understand multiple positions”

Alyssa Poarch- “Continental FC has impacted many different areas of my life, it has created opportunities for me to play at a very high level, but has also taught me a lot about time management and how to manage both school and soccer.”

Julia Detweiler- “Continental has made me into the person that I am today. From the friends to all of the coaches.  I always wanted to play at FC DELCO and the experience I have had with this Continental has shaped me into the person that I am today”

Julia Brown- “Continental FC has helped me get to this point. I have had coaches that supported me and given me the opportunity to be seen in big tournaments. I have met so many close friends along the way and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.”

Erin Paquette- “Continental FC has helped me develop more as a player in the past two years to be able to feel confident going into my college season”

Juliana Bertolino- “Continental FC impacted me greatly by helping me grow as a player and brought more knowledge to my game”

Brendan Rush – “Continental FC made a huge impact on my soccer career.  It helped me develop as a player and learn to be responsible”

Marissa DiGenova- “I have been with Continental FC Since I was 11 and the club has helped grow as a player and person while challenging me at practice and growing my love for the game.”

Mackenzie Anton- “Continental FC gave me the opportunity to play at the highest level in the sport that I love to play. I have met some of the greatest coaches and teammates and have made some amazing memories after all of these years. I have learned so much that it has given me the opportunity to play at the next level. These years have been the best years of my life.”

Djavon Dupree- “Continental FC means to me FAMILY.”

Brendan Rush- “My Continental FC Experience has been exciting. The coaches and the players are great and it’s such a fun atmosphere”

Miranda Royds- “Playing for Continental FC has taught me to work hard and follow your dreams and that you will get out of it what you put into it”

Lorna MacFarlane- “ I have played with this club since I was 11 and the people that I have met through this club have shaped me both as the player and person I am today”

What was the best part of making your decision?

Briana Davis- “Being able to refocus on my passion to play rather than worrying about recruiting”

Nicholas Kane- “The best part about making my decision was the sense of accomplishment after I made that decision”

Krysta Memis- “The best part of making my decision is being stress free my senior year and being able to focus more on my studies and simple parts of my game to improve on”

RC Williams- “The best part of making my decision was taking a big sigh of relief”

Aaron Schwartz- “The best part of making my decision is being done with the process”

One piece of advice for players that are trying to decide on the college of their choice?

Briana Davis- “Make sure you love the school even if you couldn’t play soccer”

Jason Stone- “ Academics should be the first decision in picking a school but after that I recommend going to a school that feel like home, where you could picture yourself living and enjoying everything the school has to offer”

Libby Andrews- “You have to trust your coaches and try not to stress about the process as everything will fall into place.  Don’t rush into anything and make sure it’s a good fit”

Mackenzie Anton- “Make sure you love the place where you are deciding to go.”

Sara Messinger- “Enjoy the journey.  Always remember why you started playing and try not to stress too much.  You’ll end up exactly where you are supposed to be in the end.”

Casey Sheehan- “It doesn’t matter what division the school might be, if it feels right go with it cause nothing matters more than loving where you are going to go”

Aaron Schwartz- “My advice is to take your time in making your decision, don’t rush into it”

College Commitments

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