Continental FC Coaching Staff

Continental FC is staffed by some of the best coaches in the area and provides first class training facilities to ensure our players have the best developmental environment possible. Continental FC was formed in 2013 by the merger of two highly successful local clubs, FC Delco and Spirit United Soccer Club. These two parent organizations have been the home to many National, Regional and State championship teams as well as home to some of the best players to come out of our Region. Continental FC is dedicated to developing the complete player by challenging him/her in every area of the game on a consistent basis.

Anyone interested in joining the Continental FC Coach Staff should complete the CFC Coaching Application and forward it to


A License

*Most in the State

A License – Jonathan Rhodes – Academy Director

A License – Keith Cappo – ECNL Director

A License – Shane Coyne - Zone 1 Director

A License - Ged Quinn - USYS Director of Coaching

A License – Ptah Myers – U17  Premier, U18 Premier

A License – Jason Luzak – Girls U9 Barca,  U16 Barca

A License – Roger Tucker – U15 Pre-Academy, U19 Premier

A License Kevin Tryon – U11 Juventus, U13 Dortmund Boys

A License   Matt Poole - U9 Juventus

A License -  Jason Werner - U18, U-19 ECNL

A Licnese - John Byford - U17 ECNL, U16 NPL

A License -  Darek Bujak - Boys U13 Barca, U15 Barca

B License


B License – John Hatt – U12 Barca Girls

B License – Peye Garcia – U17 ECNL

B License – Steve Frey – U17 ECNL

B License – Shawn Ferris – U14 ECNL

B License – Juan Lazares – U13 NPL


C License


C License – Alex Kulp – U14 Dortmund Boys

C License – Julian Fernandez – U17 Arsenal Boys

C License – Zac Tassone – U12 Dortmund Boys

C License – Andrew Kummerer – U16 Barca Boys

C License – Stephen Potter – U13 Barca Boys

C License – John Sanger – U15 Arsenal Boys

C License – Jed Fisher – U14 NPL

C License – Steve Riley – U15 NPL

D License

D License – Mark Fetrow – U12 Barca Boys

D License – Amy Greco – U13 ECNL

D License – Ciaran Barrett – U15 Barca Girls

D License – Tony Greaves – U13 Barca Girls

D License – Ken Monaco – U13 Barca Girls

D License – Brett Krcelich – U11 Celtic

UEFA Licenses


B license – Shane Coyne – Zone 1 Director

B License – Roger Tucker- U13 Dortmund


NSCAA Licenses

NSCAA Premier – Jonathan Rhodes – Assistant Technical Director
SCAA Premier Diploma – Jon Pearce – U 15 Girls Barca
NSCAA Premier Diploma – John Sanger
NSCAA Premier Diploma –
Roger Tucker- U13 Dortmund
NSCAA Advanced National – Keith Cappo – ECNL Director
NSCAA Advanced National – Steve Riley
NSCAA National – Mike Goldstein – U9 Boys
NSCAA National – Ike Onyeador – U 10 Barca