CFC Tryout Q & A

General Information


Where do I find tryout information?
Continental FC (CFC) tryout information is posted on the CFC website ( The website will have the most current information available including tryout dates, times and locations. Any change in plans will also be posted here.

How do I register for tryouts?
You can register for tryouts online using the registration link available in the Tryout Schedule on the website. The fee for registration is $15 which covers the cost of the tryout t-shirt and needs to be paid at the time of registration. Registering online allows us to both prepare for expected numbers and keep you informed of any changes. It also expedites the check-in process when you arrive. Players should register a minimum of 48 hours prior to the first scheduled tryout.

Following the above registration procedures allows for a more positive and relaxed experience for players as they check-in. 

Do current CFC players need to tryout? Register online?
Yes and yes.

Should players attend all tryouts?
It is recommended and extremely beneficial to attend all tryouts. This gives the CFC coaching staff an opportunity to evaluate players on multiple occasions allowing for a greater understanding of abilities. If a player is only able to make one tryout it is very important to let the coaching staff know so they can prepare appropriately.

What is the difference between West and East teams in some age groups? Does my child need to attend tryouts in both locations?
The East teams will train mainly in the Conshohocken area at our Proving Grounds Complex and the West teams will be centered in the Downingtown area. There may be instances when a team trains in both or plays games in either location.

Players should select the tryout location where they prefer to train during the season. A player can choose to try out for either an East or West team regardless of where he/she lives.

How do I determine the correct team and age group for my child?
Players should try out for the age group indicated for their birth year per the matrix below. Tryouts are scheduled for an age group as a whole where abilities are evaluated. Team assignments are based on these assessments.

Season 2017-2018 2018-2019 2019-2020
Birth Year Age Group Age Group Age Group
2014     U6
2013   U6 U7
2012 U6 U7 U8
2011 U7 U8 U9
2010 U8 U9 U10
2009 U9 U10 U11
2008 U10 U11 U12
2007 U11 U12 U13
2006 U12 U13 U14
2005 U13 U14 U15
2004 U14 U15 U16
2003 U15 U16 U17
2002 U16 U17 U18
2001 U17 U18 U19
2000 U18 U19  
1999 U19    

Can my child tryout for an older age group or ‘play up’ a year? 
All players must attend the first age appropriate tryout date scheduled. For a player to be selected to play up with an older team, the Technical Staff & respective coach of that team must determine that the player will be an impact player who needs to play up to ensure he/she is appropriately challenged. If a player is interested in trying out for an older team, the following steps should be followed:

  1. The family of the player looking to tryout up a year connects with current coach for his/her recommendation.
  2. The coach contacts his/her Zone Director to recommend player to tryout a year up.
  3.  If approved, the Zone Director notifies Club Administrator, family and coach via email.

I notice you have multiple teams within an age group. How does my child try out for a particular team?
Tryouts are scheduled for an entire age group. At tryouts, players will be evaluated extensively as an age group and placed appropriately on a team based on assessed experience level.



What should players wear and bring to the tryout sessions?
Tryout t-shirts will be provided at the registration area.  Players must also wear shin guards and bring plenty of water. Also be sure to bring an inflated ball.

What if my child is injured or cannot attend any of the scheduled tryouts?
If you are unable to attend tryouts, please notify the appropriate age group coach or the Technical Director for alternate options to get evaluated.

What if it is raining the day of tryouts? Will you cancel?
It is unlikely we will cancel tryouts. We will post any changes on the club’s website as well as e-mail anyone registered as soon as possible in case of a change in schedule.

Can the parents attend and watch tryouts?
Parents are welcome to observe from the spectator areas (outside the playing and evaluation zone).



What will my child be doing during the tryout session? Are all tryout sessions the same?

How are players evaluated at the tryouts?
The coaching staff evaluates players in four categories: Technical, Tactical, Physical, and Psychological. 

Who picks the team?
The CFC Coaching Staff will pick teams. Decisions will be based upon input from the previous year’s coach, guest professional evaluators, and staff devoted to next year’s team.

Are you going to break up our existing team or combine it with another?
The differing rates of individual player development can result in a shift of players between teams. There will be many instances where players will still be with some (or many) of their teammates. Ultimately the goal will be to form teams of similar levels of ability to play against other teams of similar ability as this approach maximizes both player development and the overall experience

When can we talk to the staff regarding player placement?
No discussions will take place before or during the tryout evaluation. No discussions will take place on the field during or immediately following tryout sessions. Contact the Appropiate Zone Director for any questions regarding player placement after the selection process has taken place.

Will carpooling be taken into consideration when forming teams?
The four evaluation areas mentioned above - Technical, Tactical, Physical and Psychological - are the only criteria considered by the Coaching Staff as they strive to put players in the most developmentally appropriate environment. While carpooling is not a factor in forming teams, parents frequently find themselves able to make arrangements with other team parents.

Why do some teams have additional tryouts and what is their purpose?
In some age groups we will have multiple teams and many players trying out. The additional tryout allows coaches another opportunity to evaluate players.



When will the players be notified and how?
The notification process will begin immediately following the final tryout with one of two responses:

  • You are offered a spot on the roster and asked to accept within 24 hours.
  • You were not offered a spot on the roster.

Depending on the number of players in an age group, it may take several days to work through all the notifications. We understand families would like decisions as soon as possible and move the process along as quickly as we can. All attendees should receive a notification within 5 days of the final tryout.

How soon do we need to reply to an offer?
A position on the roster must be accepted within 24 hours. A roster spot is accepted by completing annual CFC Player Registration at that time.

How many teams will there be in each age group?
Academy, Pre-Academy, ECNL and NPL teams will have one team per age group. USYS teams will be sorted by ability into multiple teams: Barca, Dortmund, Arsenal, etc. We do not make decisions on the number of USYS teams per age group prior to evaluating the depth and talent level of a particular tryout.

What is the club’s policy on roster size?
CFC will strive to keep teams to a size which allows sufficient numbers for training and maximized playing time. As a general rule we keep squads of 7v7 soccer to 11 or 12 players, 9v9 we will keep squads of 13 or 14, and 11v11 teams to 18 to 20 players depending on the age group. Individual teams will have different needs based on schedules, physical demands, and potential conflicts – all of which can influence the size of a team roster.

Who will coach the team?
CFC Coaching Staff assignments are posted online prior to tryouts. The club may field multiple teams, so there may be multiple coaches within an age group. We have assembled the strongest staff to date for our program and are very excited about the quality of coaching available to our players.



What will the cost be to play for CFC?
Team fee estimates will be provided at the tryout locations. Fees vary depending on the level of commitment required by a team. Within CFC, families will have multiple options and can choose a level of commitment best suited to their needs. CFC is a non-profit organization. We offer first class coaching, facilities, competition, and player development. CFC fees are priced competitively.

My child is interested in Continental FC but we cannot afford the team fees. Do you offer scholarships?
CFC has the capacity to provide some scholarship assistance for players’ families with financial need. Please consult the club website for details or contact the Club Administrator with any questions after being offered a spot on a team roster.



When does the season start and end?
In general, for USYS teams the fall season runs from July-November while the winter/spring season covers December-May. Depending on level and age, calendars will vary to include tournaments, etc. The commitment to the team is for both the fall and spring seasons. In general, teams play for 10 out of 12 months. Older U15-U19 ECNL teams have an August to July calendar although the fall schedule is light as players are active with the high school soccer season. Academy and Pre-Academy teams play all year with brief breaks.  

Where will practices for XYZ team be held? At what time and how often?
CFC has access to a large number of quality fields. In general, ‘East’ USYS teams train in Conshohocken at our Proving Grounds facility while ‘West’ USYS teams train in the Downingtown area where we have multiple field complexes. Academy and Pre-Academy teams also train at The Proving Grounds facility in Conshohocken. 

CFC teams play at some of the best field complexes in Eastern PA at both its East (Conshohocken) and West (Downingtown) locations. Select CFC teams will benefit from training and/or playing games at both state-of-the-art locations.

Practice times and specific locations for next season have not yet been determined. Most U9 to U14 USYS teams practice 2x/week during the summer/fall and spring seasons and at least 1x/week over the winter. U15 to U18 teams have a similar schedule with fewer practices held during the fall high school soccer season. In general, boys USYS teams practice on M/W and girls teams on T/Th. Academy and ECNL teams will practice three or more times per week, and NPL teams train 2x/week.

Are practices and games mandatory?
CFC training sessions, games, and all team events are designed to maximize individual player development and team growth, as well as safety from a fitness standpoint, and are therefore a mandatory commitment.

Can my child play another sport and soccer at the same time?
Yes, for players on the majority of our teams. For balance, motor-skill development, cross-training and other reasons, participation in multiple sports can be good for young soccer players. However families and coaches must evaluate the demands of specific teams and playing seasons for each sport. The developmental curve of a soccer player will be affected by the commitment level.  U.S. Soccer limits what additional activities our Academy team players can join.

Can my child play club AND school soccer?
For USYS, NPL and ECNL teams, yes - CFC is proud of our many players who enjoy success on their respective school teams. Academy players are not permitted to participate in scholastic soccer.

*Attention should be paid to the rest/recovery needs of young, growing athletes in determining when a break from training is in the best interest of the individual’s mental and physical health. For U14 and below, two soccer teams in the same season can be very taxing on a player and must be delicately balanced.

What league will our team play in?
The coach or Zone Director will provide information on the league, tournaments, and expectations for each team at the time of tryouts. CFC will be sponsoring teams in the ECNL League, Region 1 Premier League, Region 1 Northeast League, APL, DELCO, and PAGS to name some.  Academy teams will play similar Academy teams from other areas.



My child is younger than U8 and just wants to train. Can he/she do that?
Our Junior Academy programs are designed to develop younger players’ skills and love of soccer in an age appropriate environment. Information on available Junior Academy programs is available on the CFC website. We also can have younger players ‘playing up’ in an older age group - if a player has the ability and desire to play at that level, the opportunity is there.

How does the uniform process work?
After a player has accepted a position on a team roster, a designated team Uniform Coordinator will aid with the ordering process. Uniforms are ordered through an on-line store set up with Angelo’s Soccer Corner. Per CFC's contract with Adidas, all players (new and returning) will be purchasing new uniforms for the 2017-2018 season.

The Continental FC Staff below are available to answer any additional questions you may have.

Peye Garcia, Director of Operations:

Susan Hennelly, Club Manager:

Susan Panacek, Finance Manager: