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A License *Most in

A License

*Most in the State

A License - Rob Elliott, General Manager

A License - Jamie Smith, Technical/Development Academy Director

A License - Carla DeSantis, Director of Girls Coaching

A License - Blake Hornbuckle, Girls ECNL/NPL Director

A License - Wendell Beres

A License -  Darek Bujak

A License – Jason Luzak

A License - Chris McLain

A License – Ptah Myers

A License   Matt Poole

A License  Kevin Tryon

B License

B License – Peye Garcia, Director of Operations

B License - Andres Hurtado, Boys ECNL Director 

B License - Jed Fischer

B License – John Hatt

B License – Juan Lazares

B License - Zac Tassone

C License

C License - Dave Barletta

C License - Jami Dansingburg

C License - Darren John

C License - Colin Kent

C License – Alex Kulp

C License – Andrew Kummerer

C License - Carlos Pinnace

C License – Steve Riley

C License – John Sanger

C License - Alex Shuptar

C License – Paul Stinson

D License

D License – Mark Fetrow

D License - Charlie Flowe

D License - Megan Geldernick

D License – Tony Greaves

D License - Brendan Griffiths

D License – Amy Greco

D License - James Le

D License – Ken Monaco

D License - Sean Reynolds

D License - Zack Ssebatindira

D License - Daniel Wickerham

D License - Chas Wilson

D License - Kevin Wolfe

D License - Steve Yates

USC (NSCAA) Licenses

NSCAA Premier Diploma - Peye Garcia, Director of Operations
NSCAA Premier Diploma – John Sanger

NSCAA Advanced National - Jami Dansingburg
NSCAA Advanced National - Alex Kulp

NSCAA Advanced National – Steve Riley
NSCAA Advanced National - Kevin Wolfe

NSCAA National Diploma - Ryan Castle
NSCAA National Diploma - Blake Hornbuckle


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