2016-2017 Player Registration
Instructions and Link

Congratulations and welcome to Continental FC for the 2016-2017 season! Players should complete both annual Continental FC and specific team registration immediately using the process below.

'GotSoccer' is the software vehicle used to complete annual Player Registration. The process used is the same as for Tryout Registration with some minor modifications. The link to registration is below the instructions.

Step 1:  

  • Register as a ‘Registered User’ if you have an existing GotSoccer account from any previous registration. You should be a Registered User if you registered for tryouts.
  • Register as a ‘New User’ and create a GotSoccer account if you have never previously registered for a club activity. 

Step 2:  

  • Select the team for which your player has been offered a roster spot from the dropdown indicating available teams. Note: Some system limitations exist as GotSoccer is still operating in the current season and with existing (not birth year) age group determinations. Select the team based on name and birth year (ex: Barca 2008). Do not use the 'Under X' designation (ie U8, U14, etc) as these are based on the current season and age grouping methodology. If you do not see your new team's name as an option, select another team of the same type (ECNL, NPL, Barca, Dortmund, Arsenal etc.). We will be moving players to the appropriate team on our end as soon as the system allows.
  • Provide information or verify pre-filled fields. Make sure existing information is current, especially email address.
  • You will not be able to proceed to Step 3 until all required boxes have been checked. You may need to scroll to the far right to view some boxes and questions. If you are still encountering issues, changing the browser being used may help.
  • Print completed Medical Release Form before exiting the registration. Hold onto this form - your Team Manager will be asking for it.

Step 3:  

  • Enter requested credit card information.
  • An initial deposit will be processed to secure the player's spot on the team roster.
  • The balance of the annual registration fee will be automatically charged to your card in 30 days.
  • Be sure to use a credit card that will still be valid in 30 days. Failure for the 2nd automatic payment to process will impact the registration process.

Step 4:  

  • Enter payer's name, check box and submit application.

Click on the link below to access the registration page:

2016-2017 Player Registration

Any questions regarding the registration process can be directed to the Club Administrator at susan@continentalfc.org.