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Parent/Player Expectations

CFC DELCO Development Academy Expectations

Player Expectations:

Training & Game Commitment

  • U12 & U13 - 3x/week plus Age Group Technical Training Days when scheduled
  • U14 to U19 - 4x/week

Players will be punctual and arrive 15 minutes prior to training starting and 45 minutes prior to a game.

Players are expected to attend all games (unless not on the 18-player game roster for an away game).

Players understand that game time is earned not given. You may not participate even when dressed as a substitute.

No outside activities are permitted during season without prior approval. 

Open Mindset to Learn

Attitude: Positive. Coachable. Effort. Passion. Self-Motivated. Determined. Self-Awareness.

Players' attitudes are such that they are positive with coaches and teammates to help create a learning environment. They always put 100% effort into any action during training, games and especially self-improvement. They love the game of soccer and are self-motivated in improving as well as determined to improve individually and as a team. Players are able to take constructive criticism and are aware of areas where they need to focus their energy in order to keep improving their game.

Willingness to Compete

Players have a burning competitive desire wanting to perform to the best of their abilities on a daily basis. Players are comfortable competing directly with teammates for positions in order to push them to higher levels of execution. Players have perseverance and resilience to keep working hard when things do not go as planned. They concentrate on what they can control and look to solve problems by looking at how they can improve with increased effort and focus.

Self-Reliance to Develop

‘I trained 3-4 hours a week at Ajax when I was little but played 3-4 hours a day on the street. So where do you think I learnt football?’ – Johan Cruyff

Players are directly responsible for their own learning. There are multiple resources to help your own development including coaches, watching live professional games and the internet.


Players understand when traveling with CFC Delco DA teams that they will wear branded uniform and represent the club with the highest respect. They will adhere to the rules set by the Club and Academy staff and be held accountable.

Destinations beyond 4 hours will be organized by the CFC Delco Staff, of which, players selected will be expected to travel with their teams.

Parent Expectations

Parents will promote self-learning, responsibility and accountability from their children.

Parents will understand the player expectations and adhere to them.

Parents will not ‘coach’ during games. Absolutely no instruction from the sidelines. Encouragement from the sideline is welcomed.

Examples of instruction: ‘Press’, ‘pass the ball’, ‘kick it’

Examples of Encouragement: ‘Well done’, ‘keep it up’, ‘good job’

Parents will not contact coaches after games, personally, electronically or through phone or messaging services within 24 hours of a game.

If a meeting is requested parent, player and coach must all be present. Communication between the parent and coach must be done between them and not bypassed to the Academy Manager or Technical Director.

Any correspondence between coach and parent shall be replied to within 24 hours from both parties.


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