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To all Teams,

Thank you for applying to the Spirit United Kickoff Classic.

To insure the quality of service provided during our tournaments, Spirit United has appointed THS ( as the official Hospitality Service for all of our events. All teams are mandated to book any hotel reservations through THS to insure their place in our tournaments. Any teams that do not comply will be at risk of forfeiting their acceptance.

By using THS as our booking service the Kickoff Classic, we are able to offer Cancellation Insurance with the "Act of God" Clause. This states "Should this event be cancelled for reasons beyond the Event Organizer's control (including weather), all outstanding reservation will be released at no charge to the participants.

To make reservations, please click on the links below or call THS at 1-888-536-8326. If you have additional questions, please contact THS via email



We are looking forward to a great tournament and a smoother housing process!

Thank you,

Joe Levan
Tournament Director

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